Samantha Shanahan

Photo Editor based in Los Angeles. 



Samantha Shanahan
Photo Editor + Producer, based in Brooklyn.

58 years ago, a community of drivers came together to help each other explore 15,000 miles of brand new highway. They placed a simple sticker on their RVs: Good Sam.

Today that sticker has grown into a network of millions of fellow travelers sharing the same belief that we’ll go further together. Good Sam continues to champion the heritage of the open road-- and In January 2024, Good Sam was given a fresh look and rebrand to capture the next generation of road trippers.

One part of this rebrand was a Brand Hero photoshoot of a RV road trip in Northern California, for Good Sam’s website, digital and print marketing, and in-store signage in Camping World locations nationwide. My role was to select and assign the photographer, negotiate estimates, concept hero images, assist production and location scouting, and make final image selects.

Head of Creative: Jody Sugrue
Art Director: Adam Bischoff
Photo Editor: Samantha Shanahan

Photographer: Jake Stangel
Assistant: Adam Cohen
Agency: Giant Artists 
Production: Franny Legge, Alyssa Sonn, Francois Boulaire
Talent: Kurt Mangels, Dafna Wu, Taylor Alexis Smith